pattyclose2Welcome! I’m Patty Bechtold.

Therapist. Holistic Career Counselor. Life & Relationship Coach.

I love the beautiful threads of my work, and how they all weave together. Each thread there for you when you need it; each thread receding into the background when you don’t need it.

Throughout my career there’s been an enduring theme within each of these threads, or roles: helping bright, caring, creative women (and sometimes men) find their way back to their deepest wisdom, so that they can live, love and work in harmony with what truly matters to them.

These days it’s easy to lose touch with your deepest wisdom. There’s so much surface chatter that gets in the way. Not to mention a host of internal distractions, doubts, questions, worries, overwhelm and over-thinking. And other things too, like anxiety and depression.

After more than a decade of doing this work, my wise clients have taught me that there’s no cookie cutter approach to finding your way back to yourself. You’re unique, and you can’t be boxed in.

You deserve a deep, rich inner experience that honors who you’ve been and who you’re becoming, as well as encouragement and support for taking meaningful actions to feel happier and create the life that’s fulfilling to you and you alone. 

That’s why I offer a variety of strategies and integrated services all along the continuum of counseling and coaching. My purpose is to meet you wherever you are on your journey, and join forces with you to address your most important and personally relevant priorities.

the backstory

I’ve lost track of my deepest wisdom a time or two in my life. In fact, I’ve had my days of floundering and feeling adrift, thinking I was a late bloomer.

Maybe it’s because I lost my mom right at the cusp of adulthood. Certainly, my early passion for theatre had something to do with it too.

Whatever it was, my path was pretty different from most of my friends. I mean, I was so eager to get out of town that I raced through high school in three years.

Starting at 17, I spent about 20 years moving from place to place, desperately seeking my true place in the world. I had a zillion jobs. Tried a lot of things. Unpacked my belongings and made homes all over the country.

Sometimes, yes, there were delightful adventures; other times, periods of  anxiety, worry, depression and just plain stuck-ness.

Eventually, all that frantic movement wore me out. And it definitely took a toll on my deepest wisdom.

So I stopped.

Up until then I thought life was mostly about looking out there: do more, see more, be more. Turns out I had to do my own deep digging and explore what I was running from before I could actually hear my inner voice.

So what I most want to tell you is that my greatest adventure has been to stop and listen to that voice. And then, take the journey home to my wise inner self and the full joy of living deep.

the professional story

Fast forward to today. I’m a licensed professional clinical counselor (LPCC) and a board certified coach (BCC).

I’ve spent close to 10,000 hours coaching and counseling clients to hear their own inner wisdom and come home to themselves.

And guess what? I no longer think of myself as a late bloomer.

Turns out I had the perfect first act for my life’s work. Those early years, when I thought I was floundering, actually initiated me into all the things that show up in my work: empathy, creativity, love and deep listening, to name a few.

I look back now and see that even though I got a little lost sometimes, ultimately I followed my heart. If you’re interested in the full bio, check out my profile on LinkedIn.

the coming full circle story

All those days of roaming gave me a unique view of life’s inevitable ambiguities. I’ve got a healthy respect now for paradox and the wisdom of both/and (rather than either/or).

I believe in the power of both deep reflection and meaningful action. My clients tell me this works really well for them.

I also know now that it doesn’t really matter whether you start out as a nomad (like I did) or a homebody. Either way you can be pretty sure that one day your own inner wisdom will rise up and demand your attention, just like mine did.

When it does, I’d be honored to be the one to help you hear it. You can find out more about my work with clients on my coaching page.

the rest of the story

As much as I love my work, there’s more to life than work. A few of the other things I love…

  • My husband Dave and our family of rescued kitties.
  • Splitting my time between Sacramento and Sonoma County.
  • Long, lingering monthly lunches with my big brother.
  • Meandering on the bluff trail along the Sonoma Coast.
  • Lavender. Salvia. Butterfly Bush. Passion Vine. (They seem to like me.)
  • Singing. Collage. Process Painting. Art Journals. Writing. Poetry. Music.
  • The astonishing women I meet with every week.
  • A soak in the hot tub right before bed. Or anytime, really.

My garden in Sacramento