You have a deep creative wisdom within that’s always been present, that guides you to what truly matters. 

It’s always been there and always will be.

But maybe your relationship with it is a bit strained these days and you feel cut off from its flow.

And yet, it prevails. Patiently waiting for you to find your way back to it.

The thing is, you’re not quite sure how to find your way back. You’ve probably tried: read books, taken courses, listened to podcasts, answered questions, and made the vision boards, lists and plans.

Still, something’s missing. And you’re tired of losing time. Maybe you even wonder sometimes if the life that you yearn for is simply a mirage.

What I most want to tell you is this: it’s not a mirage and it truly is within you.

And you can have a better relationship with your wise, creative self.

What blocks our deep creative wisdom?

Layers of expectation, assumption and prediction. The daily barage of questions, from within and without. Surface chatter. Distractions. Unsolicited advice. Fatigue. Comparisons. Self-criticism. Over-work. Under-play. Over-thinking. All built up over time.

So here’s how we’ll start…

We’ll circle up, you and me, because a circle of two women is a powerful change agent.

We’ll step away from the surface chatter and noise.

Then we’ll dive into an exploration of what truly matters to you and you alone.

Maybe that’s more calm/less overwhelm, more balance/less chaos, more meaning/less going-through-the-motions in your life, work or relationships.

Whatever it is for you, we’ll create a safe container for aha moments, epiphanies, reflection, insight and meaningful action.

There’s no cookie cutter approach to this work, and I’ll bring a full-to-the-brim treasure chest of strategies, tools and resources to use to enhance your relationship with your deep creative wisdom.

  • Dig deep into values, like you’ve never done before, and learn to translate their mysterious language.
  • Call on imagery, symbol and color to open the conduit between head and heart
  • Excavate the inner wisdom and deep desire within your stories, dreams and daydreams
  • Explore how you project your vision onto others, and consciously pull back the part that truly matters to you
  • Meet inner characters that want space at the table of your life

Simply put, I’m here to help you fashion a beautiful, enduring relationship with your deepest knowing.

  • Come as you are. I have no expectation that you’ll have arrived at a certain place to do this work. I meet you right where you are and I’m supportive, empathetic, honest, intuitive, patient and always fully engaged.
  • I trust with absolute certainty that during our time together your deep creative wisdom will partner with mine and it will be a beautiful thing to behold.
  • You can let your guard down with me: laugh, cry, whine, get mad, swear, tell me your secrets.
  • I believe in compassionate confrontation but I’ll never “hold your feet to the fire” or “kick your ass.” That’s not how insight and change happen. Plus, that scares me!
  • I’m well-trained, certified and licensed. I’ve logged over 10,000 hours of 1:1 sessions as well as many hours of group work and teaching. I’m grateful every day for how this grounds my work.

What happens when you find your way back to your deep creative wisdom?

  • You move away from doubt and towards trust, reclaiming your resilience and resourcefulness.
  • You get better at voicing (and satisfying) your needs in the areas of your life that feel wanting.
  • You see clearly what you can actually change, what you need to accept and what you can let go of.
  • You begin to live in harmony with your deep creative wisdom, incorporating more and more of what truly matters to you.
  • You take delight in how much you already know about how to create a life that’s satisfying to you and you alone.

Next Steps

Creative Wisdom Coaching sessions are $120. Something magical happens when you do 12 sessions (completed within six months or less). I support that magic by offering you a discount to $100, and you can pay as you go. Your total savings with this option is $240. It’s like getting two sessions free.

I work with coaching clients mostly by phone but also in my office in Sacramento.

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What Women Are Saying About Coaching

“I’ll always remember my time with you as soothing, insightful, and very precious.” -N.H.

“You helped me see myself in a different light.” -M.G.

“I’m very grateful to have you guide me to my deeper, truer self.” -P.F.

“I’m listening to my own voice more than ever, taking more risks and keeping vulnerability and creativity at the forefront of all my actions. I have you to thank for seeing what that path can offer.” -K.H.