I know you. You’re wise, caring, creative. 

But maybe sometimes it feels like it’s all going too fast and life is rushing by. And you wonder: Does anyone see me? Know me? Understand what I’m experiencing?

Some days you live deeply and turn toward the joys and possibilities of life.

Other days, you watch from the sidelines, overtaken by shoulds, uncertainties, overwhelm, inertia, or the status

But underneath it all there’s a very wise woman within who’s aching to claim the deepest parts of your life.

You know the things I’m talking about: meaning, creativity, connection, callings, adventure, wisdom, play. You can almost (but not quite) touch them. 

Is it time to start making more space for them at the table of your life?

“I’m very grateful to have you guide me to my deeper, truer self.”-P.F. 

how coaching works

As your coach I’m here to support all of you — hopeful, uncertain, energized, stuck — all parts of you. My style is compassionate, fully engaged, honest, intuitive, and creative. My purpose is to meet you right where you are.

In short, I’m here for you.

This is the place where you can let your guard down: to talk, laugh, cry, explore, and share your stories.

I trust the power of your stories.

When you give them time in the world (even the challenging stories) you open the door to their gifts, waiting in the wings.

And then, a transformation begins:

  • You feel more present, aware, alive
  • You start to push out of the boxes that feel confining
  • You reconnect to your creative source

My clients tell me I have a rare ability to wholly see them and hear their stories, mirroring back the essential (and often concealed) truths of who they are and what truly matters to them.

When you nourish yourself and your stories this way you start listening to your deepest voice. You move beyond the constant surface chatter. And you understand that there’s a transcendent story within you, waiting to emerge.

A larger story. A larger life. A life that’s right here for you to grab.

“I am listening to my own voice more than ever, taking more risks, and keeping vulnerability and creativity at the forefront of all my actions. I have you to thank for seeing what that path can offer.” -K.H.

what will your larger life look like?

If you yearn to CULTIVATE more self-compassion, I’ll help you…

  • build a personal repertoire of skills for managing shoulds, overwhelm, inertia
  • develop creative, mindful approaches to stress, worry, anxiety, depression
  • create self-nurturing practices and commit to using them regularly

“You helped me see myself in a different light.” -M.G.

If  you’re longing to ENRICH relationships, with yourself and others, I’ll help you…

  • take time to reflect and discover what truly matters to you now
  • establish a space of ease and flow in the midst of ongoing transitions
  • enhance the communication and connection in your relationships

“I know my ways of communicating and also looking at things from a different perspective have improved tenfold.” -M.H.

If you’re called to PURSUE a creative adventure or follow a new path, I’ll help you…

  • awaken creative energies–writing, dance, music, art–you name it
  • pull the thread of curiosity: to new places, careers, studies
  • start or expand a business (or some other interesting endeavor)

“Our work together got me back to painting again, working with clay, taking guitar lessons after strumming the same three cords for 20 years. I know now that the more I use my creative energies to do the things that make my heart sing, the more I move towards doing what I love.” -G.P.

all the details

  • Life Coaching sessions are $120.
  • Many new clients decide to start with 12 sessions (to be completed within six months or less). Choose this option and save $240.
  • Some clients need only a few sessions focused on a specific and perhaps pressing issue.
  • You can pay as you go (no need to pay it all up front unless you prefer to).

I work with clients in my office in Sacramento or by phone/Skype. Local clients often like coming in and pulling up a comfy chair. But we can also get plenty comfortable together through phone sessions.

Depending on your needs, we’ll meet either weekly or every other week, and our sessions will last about an hour. I’ll set up a regular day and time just for you. Research (and my personal experience) shows that this kind of consistency creates a nurturing space, allowing for significant movement.

Before we start I’ll send you some prompts and questions to reflect on. We’ll dig into those during our first session to get a feel for what’s most important for you right now.

After that, we’ll just jump in and start. Because why wait, right?

“You have a seemingly endless trove of exercises to lift clients out of their ruts and then help them see daylight again.” -C.F.

next steps

If you think you might like to work with me send me an email: pattybechtold (at) gmail (dot) com. You can also stay in the loop by subscribing to my monthly newsletter (here).

“I’ll always remember my time with you as soothing, insightful, and very precious.” -N.H