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for women who are tired of trying to keep up, follow the advice, get it all done

for women who want to explore living deep rather than living big

There comes a time in every woman’s life when you realize you’re ready to stop and listen to the voice of your deepest wisdom.


The voice that’s calling you to:

claim your stories and see all of who you are

honor your yearnings for real connection and community

make more space at the table of your life for the things that truly matter to you •

Your gift for listening to this voice? Coming home to yourself and the full joy of living deep.

Hi, I’m Patty Bechtold. For more than a decade I’ve been helping women nurture their deepest wisdom and forge relationships with other women who are on the same journey.

labyrinth4I know what a difference it makes when women have the space to gather and share stories, turn toward their deep creative wisdom, and harness the power of relationship to create transformation.

I know, not just because of my experience as a counselor, coach, teacher and guide, but because there was a time in my life when I didn’t have that myself.

That’s why I want to live in a world where women…

  • discover the sweet spot between being and doing
  • honor the places of uncertainty within
  • get out of our heads and into our hands
  • live the questions rather than forcing the answers
  • trust the answers will reveal themselves when we share our stories and create together

That’s what I call Living Deep.

I invite you to join me…

Women’s Creative Wisdom Circles :: You long to connect with women in a deeper way, and you’d love to regularly nourish and replenish your creative well. In this intimate, ongoing women’s circle you’ll share, listen, play, create, reflect, heal, peel away the layers and reclaim long lost pieces of yourself…READ MORE

Depth Coaching :: We’ll circle up together, just you and me, because a circle of two women is a powerful change agent. I’ll help you revive your relationship with your deepest wisdom and you’ll discover how much you already know about how to live your life…READ MORE

Living Deep Retreats :: Let go of the day-to-day routine for a few hours, a day or a long weekend and join a small group of women to dig into creative activities and true connection. Come away deeply renewed and full of hope…COMING SOON

You’re Invited to Join the Circle

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Often the hands will solve a mystery that the intellect has struggled with in vain. –C.G. Jung