women’s circles/retreats

There comes a time in every woman’s life when you realize you’re ready to stop and listen to the voice of your deepest wisdom.

The voice that’s calling you to:

  • claim your stories and see all of who you are
  • honor your yearnings for real connection and community
  • make more space at the table of your life for the things that truly matter to you

Your reward for listening to this voice? Coming home to yourself and the full joy of living deep.

Hi, I’m Patty Bechtold, and I help women nurture their deepest wisdom and forge relationships with other women who are on the same journey.

Together we can do that through…

Women’s Creative Wisdom Circles + Tele-circles :: Step into the ancient, unspoken bond between women in an intimate, ongoing women’s circle filled with creative, transformative activities. Share, listen, play, create, reflect, heal, peel away the layers and reclaim long lost pieces of yourself.

Virtual + In-Person Creative Wisdom Retreats :: Let go of the day-to-day routine for a few hours, a day or a long weekend and join a small group of women to dig into creative activities and true connection. Come away deeply renewed and hopeful.

Creative Wisdom Coaching :: Revive your relationship with your deep creative wisdom and put aside the advice and comparisons. Discover how much you already know about how to live your life and step on the path to creating what truly matters to you and you alone.

The Women’s Creative Wisdom Tele-Circles Are Almost Here!

Right now I’m excited to be piloting an intimate women’s creative wisdom tele-circle, with all the depth, connection and real-time creativity of the in-person circles. The next one is tentatively scheduled to start in February 2015. To be the first to get all the details, subscribe to my e-letter here.

You’ll also get monthly inspiration, resources, stories, activities and updates you won’t find anywhere else on my site.

What women are saying about the circles…

“The circle helped me realize that deep connections with women are possible. I learned so much from what others were thinking and going through.”  -A.A.

“There’s something so magical when you let go and allow the process to just happen. And many of my challenges were similar or the same as the other participants, no matter what our ages.” -K.M.

“This group is my healing tonic and soul food!” -R.M.

“It has been such a meaningful experience. I found the activities helpful in better understanding hidden parts of myself.” -J.M.

“Each of our stories would resonate and gave voice to another woman’s experiences and emotions. It was incredible! And we all became artists. I created art that spoke to some lost part of me that I’d dropped along the road from childhood to adulthood. My time at the art table was about playing, remembering, digging, processing, healing.” -K.H.