Come Home to the Full Joy of Living Deep


The first time I sat down to guide a circle of wise, creative women, I knew I’d come home.

It was like I’d stumbled upon the secret password that opened the door to sisterhood, and I entered into a beautiful room. A room that was so human and so old.

I discovered there’s nothing quite like a group of soul sisters, knitted together, connected in that unspoken way that only happens between women.

That first circle was rich and alive.

It was like digging into fertile soil that contained all of it at once: lightness, seriousness, healing, renewal, playfulness, curiosity, depth, creativity, wisdom.

A true experience of living deep that led me here today.


In the Company of Women

Hi, I’m Patty Bechtold, and it wasn’t always like this for me. I grew up in a house full of boys, with three older brothers and no sisters at all. But it didn’t matter because I had my mom. She had a sister too, and they invited me into the deep, unspoken bond they shared.

My mother died just as I was about to enter into womanhood. Years of floundering followed, when worry blossomed and depression pulled me in. I grieved, searched, strived, pushed, acted out, got lost, got tired and finally just stopped. Eventually I healed.

There were a few tastes of sisterhood along the way — in a community of actors, during grad school, with a small group of newly-minted counselors — but I couldn’t recognize it because I didn’t even know I was looking for it.

Then a strange thing happened when I got to mid-life. I began to miss my mom again and envied the connection some of my friends had with their mothers. As a counselor and coach I’d also witnessed many stories of difficult mother/daughter and sister/sister relationships.

To make sense of my deep longing I turned to books, reading about the kinds of relationships women can create with one another. Two words entranced me: women’s circles. In an instant I knew this would be part of my work in the world, to marry the life force of creativity with the deep knowing of women’s wisdom.

And on a warm September night, the final day of summer, the first women’s creative wisdom circle was born.


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