Exciting News: Women’s Circles Are Back!

Color me happy, because the Women’s Creative Wisdom Circle is back!


It went on hiatus while I was finishing my license, a tough but necessary decision I had to make.

But all during that time I kept thinking about it. It was like we were far-away lovers having a long distance relationship. Oh, I pined for it.

And because so many women have asked me whether I’ll ever offer it in a virtual format (rather than in-person in Northern California), I also obsessed a little about these questions:

Could it transfer to tele-circle format?

Could the magic that happens during the in-person circles also happen on a conference call?

Could we process together, create together, bond together in real time even though we couldn’t actually see each other?

Whenever I start to obsess like this there’s only one way forward: Try it and find out.

So at the end of July the Women’s Creative Wisdom TeleCircle experiment began with a small group of women.

We wrapped things up in November and I’m thrilled to tell you that the answers to those questions I was obsessing about seem to be Yes, Yes and More Yes!

This makes perfect sense to me, now that I’ve come back into the circle.

I’ve learned (or perhaps always knew) that the magic of a Women’s Circle transcends boundaries of place and space.

Once you ease into the flow of the circle, no matter what form it takes, you can’t help but soften to it, relax, loosen.

Before you know it you’re there, present, and it feels like drinking from an icy river on a hot day. Nourishment for a woman’s parched soul.

You’re pulled along by currents of voice and connection and feeling and story. You unearth unexpected wisdom in color and line and shape and symbol.

You begin to discover parts of yourself you dropped along the way. You see answers you didn’t even know you were looking for.

Who knew all this could happen in a virtual environment?

I’m even going to go out on a limb and say that all this goodness may actually happen faster in a tele-circle.

The doors to the 2015 Women’s Circle are now open, and there’s just one spot still open the circle is full!

A year ago I got this message from my New Year’s Eve jam session of collaging, painting and writing: Offer something rare, endangered, wild.

Well, my friends, this is it. It’s incredibly rare to find something designed for such a small, intimate group of women at this price point. Not to mention how endangered real time, in-person connection and guidance is in the digital age.

And wild? Of course. I guide the circle with a gentle hand, allowing it (and the women in it) to discover their own wild edges through the power of relationship, the magic of story and the wisdom of imagination.

So if you’re a little bit thrilled by the idea of merging the deep knowing of women’s wisdom with the life affirming nature of creativity, then this just might be the perfect fit for you. Hop on over here to get all the details.

I’d love you to join us in the circle. I’m starting a waiting list for this and another similar offering I’m planning. So if you’re interested email and let me know: pattybechtold (at) gmail (dot) com
















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