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take care: for all of us

take care: for all of us

These words–Take Care–I’m very familiar with them. I regularly sign off with them on emails, cards, letters and the like. And even though they’re kind of old fashioned, I always send them out with a deep wish for the person receiving them to feel cared for and about by me, as well as by themselves … Continue reading

Dark Magic and the $97 Book

First, a disclaimer: if you’re the author of a $97 book, the title of this post is not meant to imply that you practice voodoo or are the next incarnation of Voldemort. No, not at all. It’s merely a catchy phrase to illustrate that when an archetype is active in our lives, we meet up … Continue reading

The Archetype of Relationship

Today’s my anniversary. Not only have my husband and I been married for 23 years, but we lived together for eight years before we tied the knot. (So yes, you could say we have been known to have difficulty making decisions.) But in those early years, the decision was never about our commitment to each … Continue reading