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turning toward the spiral of life

turning toward the spiral of life

The Destroyer becomes our ally when we recognize the need to change or give something up without denying the pain or grief involved. –Carol S. Pearson, Awakening the Heroes Within This morning I woke up thinking about Carol Pearson. The spirals came later. Actually, I was thinking about something Carol said eight years ago in … Continue reading

Five Ways to Increase Your Comfort During Transition

Last week I wrote about self-reinvention, which usually happens in tandem with transition. I’ve lived through a number of transitions myself, and am living through one right now. In fact, sometimes I think life is simply a series of transitions, with little spaces in-between. I was going to say, “with little spaces in between for … Continue reading

Wake Up Calls

I’ve been away from the blog for a few weeks because of an unexpected turn: my husband’s almost-84 year old mother was diagnosed with cancer and hospitalized. The end of her life came quickly, and I admired her willingness to let go. She was at peace and told my husband, “I’m ready to see what’s … Continue reading