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What’s the big deal about balance?

What’s the big deal about balance?

I have to thank Charlotte, over at Wordstrumpet, for inspiring me to take on the topic of balance. Back in April she wrote a thoughtful post about balance that stayed with me for weeks. So I figured it was high time I wrote about balance too. As Charlotte tells it, there’s been some talk lately about how … Continue reading

Love and Work

Love and Work

During the past ten years I’ve had tons of conversations with clients about work. So it’s sort of surprising that I don’t write much about it. Maybe that’s because I’ve listened to so many stories: the dreams and yearnings, the suffering and sadness. The elation of finally moving towards a calling; the sheer frustration of … Continue reading

The Story of One Day, Just For You

Pondering the sniffles on Monday got me thinking about something else. Something different, but related. I suppose I would call it an evolving awareness that I’ve come to after 10 years as a counselor and coach. Turns out I’m no longer surprised when clients tell me they welcome getting sick. Or even being hospitalized for … Continue reading

What Did You Love As a Child?

So, like a forgotten fire, a childhood can always flare up again within us. ~Gaston Bachelard WHAT DID YOU LOVE TO DO AS A CHILD? I loved to climb the big mulberry tree in the front yard I loved to steer a wagon down a steep hill I loved to do magic tricks I loved … Continue reading

Eight Black Shoes

A few days ago I entered the bedroom, kicked off my shoes, and laughed. Not a big, robust laugh. But rather a quick, take-you-by-surprise laugh. Sort of an abbreviated chuckle. The kind that shows up unexpectedly and stops you in your tracks, reminding you that yes, this is your life. Know what I mean? On … Continue reading

life as a work of art

life as a work of art

For years these words were on my website about what I want for my clients and myself: Following our deepest purpose and direction in life Saying “Yes!” to our unique talents, potential, and creativity Breaking through obstacles that hold us back Living passionately and experiencing life as a work of art Life as a work … Continue reading

Meaning Mondays: The Clouds Edition

Deep play allows one to feel quintessentially alive, heartbeat by heartbeat, in the eternal present. The here-and-now becomes a pop-up storybook, full of surprises, in which everything looms. It returns us to the openness of childhood. ~Diane Ackerman I pulled my chair towards the window and plopped down. Yes, 30 minutes, I thought. I’ll sit … Continue reading

In the Hallway of Transition

When one door closes another opens but all too often there is a long hallway in between. -Rick Jarow It was a welcome surprise. The unexpected email arrived in my inbox earlier this week, from two former students. I haven’t seen them in well over a year, and in that time they’ve graduated and moved … Continue reading

False Evidence Appearing Real: The Movie

The Scene: With Vivaldi’s Four Seasons as background music, the camera pans across a college campus on a fall afternoon in late 1999. The trees are almost bare and the ground beneath is covered with leaves. Students walk quickly to class, bundled up in bulky sweaters that suggest winter is not far off. The camera settles … Continue reading