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why we all need a day at the beach

why we all need a day at the beach

There was something so mesmerizing about the Amish family at the beach. At first they seemed out of place. Long skirts and bonnets. Dark hats, pants, shirts. Beards growing down to their chests. Suspenders. Not at all what you’d expect to find on a Northern California beach on a balmy January day. Amidst the flip-flops … Continue reading

Kind of Like In Life

Kind of Like In Life

So. I wasn’t going to write this week because I’m immersed in seeing clients, consulting with my mentor, getting ready for a weekend out-of-town, and lots of other stuff.¬†And right now I’m preparing to finish some paperwork that must be completed today. OK, to be perfectly honest I’m procrastinating.¬†Eating a cookie. Sitting in a chair. … Continue reading

A Day Spent Outside

I was nothing more than forest. Through wind, fog, and rain, I saw life more clearly than ever before. ~Robin Easton Last Saturday was special because I spent most of my day outside. The adventure began in the early afternoon, with a trip to the University of California, Davis (UCD) arboretum. This beautiful garden spot … Continue reading

Meaning Mondays: A Change In the Air

Is it just me? Can you feel it? A change in the air? Maybe it’s simply the faintest scent of fall, carried in on the delta breezes during late August. Maybe it’s hard wiring, an internal system of checks and balances that keeps us in tune with nature’s cycles. Maybe it’s my own passage through … Continue reading

Meaning Mondays: The Smallest Things

UNTIL A FEW MONTHS AGO, I ALWAYS DROVE TO WORK SKIRTING THE EDGES OF THE PARK. For years I did this without a second thought, because it was the fastest way to get from Point A to Point B. In fact, if you were to Google map the journey from home to office, this is … Continue reading

Meaning Mondays: Lazy

THERE IS MUCH TO DO. Calls to be made. A workshop to be planned. Articles to be written. Tables to be dusted. Laundry to be washed. Clothes to be ironed. Meals to be cooked. Plants to be fertilized. Bills to be paid. THERE IS MUCH TO DO. NO QUESTION ABOUT IT. As it sinks in, … Continue reading

Meaning Mondays: The Hummingbird Edition

It was shaping up to be a ragged week. As much as the parched California landscape needs the rain, and as grateful as I am that El Nino has purportedly arrived, the onslaught required a period of adjustment for me. And of course, the first storms of the year brought with them the minor aggravations … Continue reading

How Do You Sustain Meaning In Life?

This past weekend proved to be one of those glorious Northern California wonders, and happily, I was in just the right place for it: Western Sonoma County. A perfect fall episode. Brilliant Sun. Dazzling blue sky. Towering redwoods. Shimmering waves. An almost full moon. And I mustn’t forget the charming little villages. Brigadoon-like places you … Continue reading