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The art of destruction

The art of destruction

Remember Hedda Gabler? The very confused and somewhat unbalanced heroine in Ibsen’s play of the same name? You know, that racy play from 1890? The one that’s full of all sorts of juicy stuff for its time: scandal, early feminism, alcoholism, suicide, jealousy, sexism, infidelity, creativity. What’s that you say? You mean you don’t have … Continue reading

Before the New Year

These days, I am far more interested in self-acceptance than in further improvements. Seems to me that a good deal of pop psychology is thinly veiled self-rejection. Of course, I want to continue to discover more about life and myself. I just don’t want to miss the quiet knowing that has always been present. –Jonathan Young … Continue reading

Ten Qualities of Self-Renewing Adults

People in self-renewal live simple lives. They are awake. They listen. They feel. Their thoughts seem linked to a deep well beneath them and to the skies above, and they are ready to live the truth as they know it, and no less. -Frederic Hudson, The Adult Years: Mastering the Art of Self Renewal The … Continue reading