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Does the Truth Hurt?

A few years ago I walked into a classroom. An ordinary classroom on an ordinary first day of class. As I took a seat, however, my attention was pulled towards the chalkboard, where the professor had left these words: Show up and choose to be present Pay attention to what has heart and meaning Tell … Continue reading

In the Hallway of Transition

When one door closes another opens but all too often there is a long hallway in between. -Rick Jarow It was a welcome surprise. The unexpected email arrived in my inbox earlier this week, from two former students. I haven’t seen them in well over a year, and in that time they’ve graduated and moved … Continue reading

The Archetype of Relationship

Today’s my anniversary. Not only have my husband and I been married for 23 years, but we lived together for eight years before we tied the knot. (So yes, you could say we have been known to have difficulty making decisions.) But in those early years, the decision was never about our commitment to each … Continue reading

Playing the Game

Okay, this post starts out with a sigh. Can you hear it? SIGH. That’s me letting out a big intake of breath. Maybe it’s accompanied by a slight vocal rumble. But you know what a sigh sounds like, right? I’m sighing because I get so tired of playing the game. Sometimes it seems like there … Continue reading