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look up

look up

Today, in the space of a few hours, I saw a lot of people looking down. The mother walking in my neighborhood with her very young daughter. The driver in the car next to me, waiting for the light to change. The friends grabbing a quick lunch in the restaurant. The father leaving the zoo … Continue reading

Finding Clues to Life Balance In a Time Journal

Time…thou ceaseless lackey to eternity. ~Shakespeare For a long time I was tentative about the idea oflife balance. It conjured up images of hanging scales, suspended in mid-air, perfectly even. Or small, orderly piles of things – I don’t know, maybe rocks or shells – all mounded in equal proportions. Taken together, these images hinted … Continue reading


Ah, vacation. I’m just back from a three week break. The first week was catching up with all those things left undone home-wise and business-wise. The second week was out and about, with several excursions to San Francisco: a trip to the Asian Art Museum to see the Samurai exhibit, a movie, some theatre –¬†Wicked … Continue reading