wild woman calling

You may not know it yet, but you want to wail at the top of your lungs.

You want to stand on the heath

barely dressed

and invite the storm

like mad King Lear.

You want to feel the battering winds

tears streaming

mascara running.

Not giving a damn.

There are waves, too, crashing below. And you want to hear them, pounding out their rhythm, so strong that you can dance your own dance to their music.

And sand. Yes. Yes!

You want to dig your pretty pink toenails into the sand,

deeper and deeper, until those fine grains erase all artifice and you are simply a barefoot woman with sand encrusted feet.

Your limbs ache to be released from their straight jacket, flung into the mysterious air, clumsily flailing and groping for something real to touch and hold.

Something real and messy and scary.

Mud pies.

Juicy peaches that leave your neck draped with their remnants.

Spattered paint.

Fierce words.

Rambunctious play.

Pratfalls on hard concrete.

Things that leave you bruised and sticky, but so alive.

With dirt under your fingernails.

You may not know it yet, but you want to be the woman with dirt under her fingernails.

The woman who wails at the top of her lungs.

* * * * *

A few months ago the women’s creative wisdom circle dove into our wildish natures with paint and clay and stories. After that kind of experience you never know when the wild woman will show up, demanding you unleash her words! During this next week I’ll be turning toward the call of my wildness, visiting some places that are near and dear to me: the Pacific ocean and the old-growth redwoods.

How do you heed the call of your wildness?

* * *

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8 thoughts on “wild woman calling

  1. Hi Patty, we are so on the same self-liberation page! All of it sounds fantastic.

    Back in 2004, I offered my first life shop for women: Freeing the Wild Woman Within. We did a smorgasbord of creative stuff. Yes, roll around in the dirt, wail in the woods, be alive.

    I wish we’d stop urging people to be dead inside when they are still alive. It’s a real tragedy. I hope you have a good time on your adventure to the Pacific!



  2. Patty,

    I love the new site and this writing is fabulous. I read it aloud to myself and it’s perfect for me right now. I need to be reminded about the “wild woman” inside me.

    Enjoy your trip:~)

    • Yes, I’ve been leading the women’s creative wisdom circles for over a year now. Well, leading is kind of a misnomer. I like to think of myself as the circle-tender, lightly guiding, deeply listening, and creating a safe and sacred space. I step into the circle as a member, too, sharing my own journey and diving into creative exploration with my circle sisters.

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