Your Quiet Knowing

You have a quiet knowing deep within that has always been present.

It’s there.

It has always been there.

It will always be there.

It winds through the dusky-dawn junctions of knowing and not knowing.

It’s of you. And in you.

And circling through you.


Your quiet knowing that has always been present.

But sometimes, without realizing it, you stop its flow.

With worries.

With comparisons.

With harsh words.

With self-judgment.

With hollow advice.

With nagging criticism.

And yet, it prevails.

This quiet knowing that has always been present.

Constant. Faithful. Dependable.

As dependable as the sun rising and setting.



For the day when you put aside the comparisons and harsh words and advice.

The day when you come home to yourself, and your quiet knowing.

The quiet knowing that has always been present.

8 thoughts on “Your Quiet Knowing

  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the art here and it so matches the feeling I get from the words – almost as if I’m not reading but instead feeling the energy that the words want to convey: peace, peace, release, release, peace, peace. Thank you! So happy we have met through Art Every Day month (my favorite place to meet awesome people!)

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