mandorla: the intersection of two circles

“A mandorla is that almond-shaped segment that is made when two circles partly overlap…

The mandorla has a wonderfully healing and encouraging function.

The place where light and dark begin to touch is where miracles arise. This middle place is the mandorla.

The mandorla is the place of poetry…All good stories are mandorlas.

An artist makes a mandorla with form, color, visual tension.

A musician does the same with rhythm, form, and tone.

A mandorla can also be danced.

The mandorla is not the place of neutrality or compromise; it is the place of the peacock’s tail and rainbows.”

–Robert Johnson, Owning Your Own Shadow

* * * * *

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8 thoughts on “mandorla: the intersection of two circles

  1. I’ve learned a new word…Mandorla. These words and images are very inspiring to me. I love the idea that this concept is also evident in other art forms… poetry, music, and dance. Very intriguing and much food for thought here!

  2. Wow! Great post ~ did something like this mandorla in the 90’s ~ Will have to do so again ~ heard it called ‘golden middle of 2 extremes” ~ so creative ~ thanks for sharing this ~ Your blog is wonderfully spiritual ~ (A Creative Harbor ^_^)

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