Tiny Book. Big Courage.

What do you do when you need a shot of courage?

Well, I’ve been over at the Art Therapy & Happiness Project discovering Chunky Books of Courage. There, I’ve been invited to peel back the layers of courage and explore what’s underneath by making my own chunky little book.

The books are made up of mixed media pages and each page often includes an inspirational quote.

My experience with this project was particularly meaningful because I created each page with someone else in mind. Someone in need a shot of courage to see her through a challenging time.

And my heart was full when I wrapped it up and gifted this small token of support.

The book starts with HOPE, because for me courage is intricately linked to hope.


Then, of course, there’s the page about COURAGE itself.


Followed by PATIENCE, always a key ingredient of courage for me.


And I can’t forget EXPLORATION. Courage requires a willingness to put our toe in the water and explore.


Which, when you think of it, is related to ACTION.


The kind of action that’s pushed forward by CREATIVITY & INSPIRATION.


So there you have it: One chunky book of HOPE & COURAGE.


One simple hour spent Living Deep, delving into my own courage and then shipping it out to another.

What about you? When you peel back your layers of courage, what’s underneath? I’d love to hear.

* * * * *

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4 thoughts on “Tiny Book. Big Courage.

  1. Oh wow, I love your book, Patty! Love the deep thought you put into it and the wonderful imagery. When I think of what lies beneath courage for me, I think immediately of confidence–the confidence that I am enough. Thanks for making me think about it!

  2. What a great thing to so for someone in need of the love and help we can give! Definitely keeping it in mind. Love it! These days when I need courage I either write or pray. I connect with the voice deep inside that knows what is true and what needs to be done. But, mind you, usually after a good dose of discouragement washes over me first. I’m human, after all.. 🙂

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