period of adjustment


The acorns have been dropping for well over a month.

Tink! Clang! Thud! Bing! Donk!

They rain down on the tile roof and the wood deck, making all kinds of racket. When you’re in the house and the wind picks up, it’s like a mighty hail storm’s going on out there, complete with gargantuan chunks of ice. (Only they’re not wet or cold.)

I’m spending a lot of time at our little home-away-from-home, and I’m getting used to all the noise. Of course when we bought the place I didn’t know about acorn season.

So I’ve been through a period of adjustment.

But then, so have the acorns. And the oak trees. And the falling leaves.

Mostly, I think life is one continual period of adjustment.

Small adjustments, going on all the time.

A little bit more or less of that. A small turn here. A tightening there. A few steps up or down.

Periods of adjustment.

For me and you. For all of us.

I’m so glad we’re in this together!

* * * * *

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