Your Stories Are Transcendent


Your stories are all of it: comedy, drama, tragedy, memoir.

Your stories are more than just a literal recitation of facts and details.

Your stories are full feelings, yearnings, curiosities, certainties, uncertainties.

Your stories are replete with images, metaphors, symbols.

Your stories are populated with fascinating characters.

Your stories take you to remarkable places, even though you may never leave your living room.

Your stories are questions, answered and unanswered.

Your stories are sometimes harrowing and sometimes charming, but always inspiring.

Your stories move me.

Your stories teach me.

Your stories connect me to you like nothing else.

So go ahead: allow yourself to excavate the inspiration at the heart of your stories.

Peel away the layers.

Tell the deepest version of your stories.

Straddle the fence between fiction and non-fiction.

Do this even if you think your stories are mundane and uninteresting.

Do this especially if you think your stories are mundane and uninteresting.

Lavish them with the full depth and breadth of your meaning-making powers.

Then, step back. Breathe deep.

Because you’re about to be surprised by your stories, like never before.

Because, your stories? They truly are transcendent. So tell them!


* * * * *

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5 thoughts on “Your Stories Are Transcendent

  1. I focusing on getting to the point where I can write with pure joy in my heart. And here you are, telling me and all you readers to get on with it and tell our stories. Fabulous timing. You are my angel, thank you, Patty! ♥

  2. This is inspirational in the true sense of the word “inspire.” It is beautifully written and touches my soul in such a peaceful and calm way.

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