Walking the Labyrinth

It’s true what they say: Some things are hidden in plain sight.


Although I’ve walked the Kortum Trail at least a dozen times, I’ve never noticed the labyrinth before. My guess is that it’s less than 100 feet from the trail, but if you don’t know it’s there, you’ll probably miss it.

This time, I’m so glad I didn’t miss it. Because walking it was kind of like discovering a secret garden filled with small pockets of inspiration around every bend.

A labyrinth full of rough beauty left behind by many who came before.

Beauty and inspiration in the form of shells, painted rocks, small sculptures, photos, vessels, jewelry and untamed bits of life and nature.

You can’t help but feel soothed when you walk the labyrinth.

You can’t help but be reminded of the basic goodness of human nature when you walk the labyrinth.

Which is exactly what a lot of us are yearning for right now, in the midst of a world that seems sad and scary. A world that is too much with us.

Of course, you can’t always make it to the nearest labyrinth.

So maybe just for today, let the photos of this labyrinth soothe your soul and bring you back to yourself.



















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3 thoughts on “Walking the Labyrinth

  1. What wonderful photos! I love walking the labyrinth. I’ve gotten many wonderful creative insights doing so! And I do believe we need to find ways to soothe our minds from the constant stream of bad news lately. Thanks for contributing to that effort.

  2. I don’t have anything like this where I live…at least not that I know of, but it is beautiful and thank you for sharing the pictures. You’re right, just scrolling through them is a calming experience. Walking the labyrinth must have been wonderful:~)

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