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tapping into the flow of self renewal

tapping into the flow of self renewal

Happy first day of spring! (For those of you in the Northern Hemisphere, of course). I’m still on my self-proclaimed spring break, planting poppies and savoring strawberries. Making art and lingering at an outdoor cafe. Planning a weekend adventure at the beach. In the midst of all this, it occurred to me that you might … Continue reading

The art of destruction

The art of destruction

Remember Hedda Gabler? The very confused and somewhat unbalanced heroine in Ibsen’s play of the same name? You know, that racy play from 1890? The one that’s full of all sorts of juicy stuff for its time: scandal, early feminism, alcoholism, suicide, jealousy, sexism, infidelity, creativity. What’s that you say? You mean you don’t have … Continue reading

Finding Clues to Life Balance In a Time Journal

Time…thou ceaseless lackey to eternity. ~Shakespeare For a long time I was tentative about the idea oflife balance. It conjured up images of hanging scales, suspended in mid-air, perfectly even. Or small, orderly piles of things – I don’t know, maybe rocks or shells – all mounded in equal proportions. Taken together, these images hinted … Continue reading

Meaning Mondays: Stuff and Meaning

THIS IS AN ORDINARY POTTED PLANT. I don’t even know its botanical name. But perched on a shelf or a table, garnering a brief glance now and then, it leads a rather ordinary existence. Let’s just put it this way: the plant flies low under the radar. For all that though, it has an unusual … Continue reading

Fortune Cookie Magic

On the outside, it looked like all the others. But its circumstances were different. Normally, when Chinese take-out is on the menu, I’m the one who ladles the food out of the cartons and onto the plates, getting them to the table. Once we’ve finished, Dave’s the one who gathers it all up and clears … Continue reading

Many Lives to Live

THERE ARE A LOT OF OTHER LIVES OUT THERE. I first heard this sentiment on a television show, spoken by a woman who had reinvented herself at midlife. She’d left behind a life that no longer suited her, and created one filled with zest and enthusiasm. Always on the trail of such stories of personal … Continue reading

Life Lessons Learned from Leo

It will probably come as no surprise that I’m a cat lover, given that my blog photo (used to) include a cat. Pretty obvious, I’m betting. What you likely don’t realize, however, is that I share my life with five cats. Now I don’t know if you’ll be stunned by that fact, but the truth … Continue reading