tapping into the flow of self renewal

Happy first day of spring! (For those of you in the Northern Hemisphere, of course).

I’m still on my self-proclaimed spring break, planting poppies and savoring strawberries. Making art and lingering at an outdoor cafe. Planning a weekend adventure at the beach.

In the midst of all this, it occurred to me that you might be wondering why I’m making such a big deal about spring.

I mean, it’s great and everything, but why all the fuss?

Well, for me, the arrival of spring holds deep psychological meaning and far-reaching symbolism.

It reminds me, like nothing else does, of the essential call of self renewal: Emptying out. Letting go. Making space for what’s new and blossoming.

You could even say that self renewal (the act of renewing yourself) is at the core of the work I do with clients.

Now, the coolest thing is that an under-the-radar piece I wrote well over three years ago–Ten Qualities of Self Renewing Adults–has suddenly become popular. In it I pay homage to Frederic Hudson, whose work on adult development and self renewal hooked me many years ago.

Back then I said his list of qualities required for continuing self renewal was a gem. It still is, and I hope you get a chance to read it, right here.

And on this glorious first day of spring, I wish for you a life well-lived and a continuous flow of self renewal.


* * * * *

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6 thoughts on “tapping into the flow of self renewal

  1. Great post ~ very creative and educational ~ hope Spring comes to New England soon ~ all we seem to get is Snow and more snow ~ lots of ‘gestation’ time ~ enjoy ^_^ and thanks for coming by .

  2. I loved the quote by Fredric Hudson! It is such a good Spring reminder. How’s the planting going? I’m sure your also growing wonderful ideas to share, but for now enjoy the delight of Spring. I like the idea of Spring Break for adults. I kind of took one last week:~)

  3. I was raised in the Unitarian church and we always celebrated Easter as the coming of spring. I now attend a different denomination, but that association is still inbred into me. I’ve been thinking a lot about it as I’ve been enjoying my practice of radical gratitude for all the signs of spring afoot–such beauty everywhere! Nature’s renewal is amazing.

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