Worst-Case Scenarios

What’s your worst-case scenario? You know, the BIG worry that flattens you to your chair. The horror movie moment where you have to cover your eyes because you don’t want to look at the screen.

These days, worst-case scenarios are like low hanging fruit, easy to pick but on the way to rotten.

Oddly enough, I like them, even though I consider myself a naturally optimistic person. I like them because they illuminate our resilience, but only IF we can follow them with these questions: How would I overcome my worst-case scenario if it happened? What would I do?

Several times in the past few weeks I’ve found myself discussing worst-case scenarios with clients. And each time, after they’ve explored the terror of the scenario, they can usually step back and look at it objectively. Most people breathe a cautious sigh of relief and say something like, “Oh, I could handle that. I’d be okay because here’s what I’d do _______.”  

Yes indeed, they could handle it. These encounters remind me that human beings are amazingly resourceful and can handle almost anything. It’s so easy to forget that, though. But think about it – you’ve been handling things all your life and you’ll continue to do so, even in these challenging times.

So why not start now and give yourself more credit for your resilience?

Ask yourself, “How many things have I handled so far in my life?” A good many, I’m betting, or you wouldn’t be here. 

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