April has got hold of me. She firmly grasped me by the shoulders and said (somewhat urgently), “Don’t wait any longer.”

April is my birthday month, and I love her combination of fierceness and gentleness. I consider April the true start of spring, which brings with it an urgency to clear out, clean out, and get ready for the renewal that’s about to take place. In the garden that means weeding, mulching, fertilizing, and getting the foundation in place for planting at the end of the month.

In life, I’m doing the same thing. And I’ve noticed my friend April, rather than telling me to start now, has urged me to finish now. Because sometimes you can’t really start now until you take care of unfinished business.

The result is I’m in action mode, moving with the wind, letting it push me to clear out both internal and external junk that’s been hanging around for too long. The time is right for it, and interestingly, time itself has taken on a new quality: it feels both abundant and scarce. I gulp it down but at the end of the day wish I had more.

I know a good shot of this urgency comes from the fact that I am about to celebrate one of those milestone birthdays. And I’m putting my internal foundation in place so I’m ready for what comes next: a new crop. What that crop is going to look like is still a little hazy, but I’m absolutely certain I’ve got to get ready to plant it and tend it.

The upside of all this action and urgency is that I feel a heightened sense of aliveness. The downside is there’s not as much time to write. Thus I’ve decided for the coming month I’m going to write in short bursts, sharing interesting bits and pieces that have inspired me along the way.

So until next time…Happy Spring.

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