Saltwater Buddha

For several months I’ve been meaning to post about this book by Jaimal Yogis. Jaimal’s mom, Janice, is a good friend, and as a proud and supportive mama, she gave me a copy of the book for my birthday. But she gave it with a caveat, saying she understood if I wanted to pass it on to someone younger, perhaps a niece or nephew.

Well, here’s what I discovered: it’s a book for everyone, from young adults to the more, shall we say, mature among us.

Yes, it’s certainly a coming of age memoir about a young man’s journey to find himself in the world, but really, is the work of finding ourselves ever fully done?

And furthermore, can we ever get enough of that potent combination of Zen and surfing?

Personally, I think not. Not only is Saltwater Buddha a fun, original, descriptive, engaging, quick read, it also hits just the right notes about the balance of inner and outer life, the deep awakenings that, if we allow ourselves to notice them, can take us on this wild adventure we call life.

In the end, Jaimal’s writing will both entertain and enlighten. (And make you wish you could, at the very least, dip your toes in the ocean right now!). In fact, I think Jaimal has wisdom way beyond his years. Who knows, maybe he’s even one of those “old souls” we hear about.

So why not start now?

2 thoughts on “Saltwater Buddha

  1. Hi Tess – Exactly! We’d be stuck in one place, one repeating version of ourselves, unable to let go of what no longer serves our values, life, and growth. And I also think it would be pretty boring. Thanks!

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