Imagination Quiz

Come with me, take my hand, to a world of pure imagination…

-Leslie Bricusse & Anthony Newley


I adore every aspect of imagination. In fact, if there was such a thing as an imagination groupie, I’d be one.

Like Willy Wonka says, I’d spend my days in a world of Pure Imagination.

That world, that planet of imagination unleashed, is heady indeed. Not only does it provide a powerful agent for making meaning in life, it’s also the pipeline between the conscious self and the deeper self. And when that pipeline is open, it surely does take us by the hand and lead the way to sublime experiences of flow.

But there are times when the old pipeline gets clogged and we have to call in the plumber.

Once in a while I work with someone who’s given up on their imagination. Who thinks it’s truly gone for good and has relegated their creativity to bit player status in their lives.

But I never believe that. Okay, I’ll admit it can get a tad sluggish. Yet it most certainly is still there, because everyone is born with the inherent gifts of creativity and imagination.

So I’m intrigued by those times when it gets blocked. What kind of gunk builds up? How come it sometimes seems impenetrable?

I have a few hunches percolating. And today I’ve put together an Imagination Quiz to test them out.

Want to help me do that? Great!

Just respond to the statements that follow with “yes” or “no” to get a quick snapshot of the state of your imagination.

  1. I am often bored and my energy is low
  2. I’m so busy that I barely have time to stop for a minute
  3. I think imagination is a waste of time
  4. I’m experiencing a lot of stress in my life right now
  5. I don’t get out and about, seeing and experiencing new things
  6. I check out in front of television (or some other medium of choice) more than four hours per week
  7. All my problems would be solved if could just hit it big, like winning the lottery or inheriting a large sum of money or being suddenly “discovered”
  8. Most of my major life decisions are based on fear and worry
  9. I rarely read fiction or stories that are “made up”
  10. I don’t like fantasies and fairytales
  11. It’s been a long time since I cut loose and “played” at anything
  12. I have no hobbies, or those I do have are unsatisfying

If you said “yes” to three or more statements, there’s a good chance your imagination is in need of an experienced plumber.

So, how’d you do?

What do you think of my quiz?

And if you (or someone you know) needs an emergency imagination unclogging, what one thing could you do RIGHT NOW to get it flowing again?



13 thoughts on “Imagination Quiz

  1. Patty — This was a very creative post. The song by Maroon 5 was a perfect lead in. Then your metaphor about the plumbing getting clogged is very accurate. I know there are many times when this happens to me!!

    It was hard to your quiz right now because I’m sort of bouncing back from some difficult times. My imagination likes me happy with life before it is willing to come and out and play. I know this is something I need to work on.

    That said, I thought the questions were excellent. Number 5 about getting out more and seeing new things is a good one for me to explore. I need to get outside more (literally) and take photographs. I appreciate the reminder:~)

    • Hi Sara – Thanks for visiting. I really appreciate your comments. You make an excellent point about how difficult times clog the pipeline. And even though I know what to do to unclog it for myself – get outside, visit a new place, listen to music, practice a hobby – I often don’t allow myself to do those things. So I think you’re in good company!

  2. This is like a feel-good quiz for me because I only said “yes” once and that’s to question #9. I’m in the non-fiction books only phase these days. I almost said “yes” to #2 but as busy as the days get, I still take quick meditation breaks or something as simple as a a 5-minute walk. I will attribute saying “no” to the rest of the questions to having a toddler. He fuels my imagination.

    Thanks for making me feel good, Patty!

  3. Hi Paul – Interesting how you expected adult life to be full of boredom and low energy. I wonder how many teens feel like that? I remember feeling energized but also kind of a mess in those years. Thanks for the comment!

    Hi Belinda – I’m so glad it gave you a boost. Kids have such imaginations. I think once I read that we spend our adult lives trying to get back to spirit we had as children. Or did I make that up?! Anyway, it’s a good thought. Thanks.

  4. Thank you for coming by the blog and leaving a comment!

    This was an inspirational post for me as well.. It’s a great reminder to do what I love, and to allow for spontaneity.

    When there’s none, life can feel very restricting.

    With all my free time off, I am really enjoying doing whatever I feel like doing

  5. Hi Patty, you nearly got me there as I said ‘NO’ to questions as NO I do NOT feel like that.
    Then I realized that I turned the no and yes the wrong way round. How is that for imagination?
    As a child I was bored as we lived in the city with no outdoors to speak off.
    Tht boredom however had its place as it made me desire and imagine nature so much that I must have planted a seed.
    That seed grew and grew and now I live in the most wonderful nature country in the world.
    Thank God for imagination and for situations that really make it so strong that it can manifest.
    Love Wilma

  6. I agree with your statement about needing a imagination plumber from time to time. I sometimes find myself taking life to seriously. Over the summer, I called in the plumber and went on an “enchanted walkabout.” I met up with the walk leader at a local park, and we wandered the park looking for fairies, orbs, green men, and all sorts of whimsical beauty in the trees, grass, streams, and ponds. It was a fun experience, and was a good way to clean out the imagination pipes.

  7. Hi Minimalist – You’re welcome! And thank you for visiting here too. I truly appreciate your comments. How wonderful that you have time to be spontaneous and open to your imagination.

    Hi Wilma – Fantastic that you can link the childhood boredom to the seed that grew and took you where you are today. Nature sparks my imagination too, and I know that you are surrounded by it in one of the most spectacular places on earth. Thanks for the lovely comments.

    Hi Eric – Oh, I so love this idea. I can just imagine being there on the walkabout, searching high and low for those magical beings. You use the word whimsical – a perfect word I think to capture the state of mind that opens us to imagination. Thanks much for stopping by!

  8. I still don’t like fairytales and fantasy. Do I have too?
    I said yes to stress and just yesterday I asked myself, “What would my life look like today if I just trusted and believed everything would work out?” Much different! So I’ve decided to put stress back up on the shelf where it belongs. I’m really tempted to go to Chicago and participate in The Levity Project this weekend. Maybe I will.

    • Hi Tess – No, you don’t have to. You have my permission to abstain (just kidding). But seriously, a question about laughter should be on the quiz, because I definitely believe there is a link between humor, laughter, and imagination. thanks!

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