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When imagination creates action

When imagination creates action

Long ago it was David Burns who got me thinking differently about motivation. I still remember reading his classic, Feeling Good. There was a moment when my spine straightened, body coming to full attention as I read a certain passage over and over again. Within that passage was this nugget of wisdom: waiting around for motivation … Continue reading

Isadora Duncan. Wannabe Syndrome. And Scarves.

Isadora Duncan. Wannabe Syndrome. And Scarves.

Me. Many years ago. A high school corridor. I’m stopped by two girls, vaguely familiar, with notebooks in hand. Brunette and blonde. Ready to write. “We’re doing a story for the school paper,” the brunette tells me. “Can we ask you a question?” “Yeah, sure!” “Cool! What famous person do you wish you could trade … Continue reading

Dream the Impossible Dream (Redux)

I am I Don Quixote…The Lord of La Mancha…My Destiny Calls and I Go! When I hear this refrain, I get all excited-tingly inside. And I’m not alone, apparently. Last Saturday night I sat in a packed theatre with a bunch of other people, all of us watching Don Quixote’s magical quest unfold and letting … Continue reading

Dreaming and Awakening

I’m busy this week. And about a thousand miles away from summer’s dance of laziness. It’s good, though. A different kind of dance. If July and August were a slow, languid waltz, then September is shaping up to be a peppy, energizing quick step. But I’m lucky. I love my work and when fall rolls … Continue reading

What Did You Love As a Child?

So, like a forgotten fire, a childhood can always flare up again within us. ~Gaston Bachelard WHAT DID YOU LOVE TO DO AS A CHILD? I loved to climb the big mulberry tree in the front yard I loved to steer a wagon down a steep hill I loved to do magic tricks I loved … Continue reading

Please, Bore Me!

The word is out about boredom. Contrary to what we’ve been taught, boredom is good for us. Evidently it’s a precursor to creativity. Who knew? I sure didn’t. I recently read a newspaper article claiming that it’s so. And others have been on to it well before me. In fact, if you google boredom and creativity, … Continue reading

Meaning Mondays: The Big Rabbit Edition

I’ve always loved old movies. Really old movies. Long before streaming videos, DVD’s, or even VCR’s, I’d wheel the ancient portable TV into my room and stay up late, mesmerized by them. It didn’t even matter that my mom was a throwback who decreed color television a needless invention, because most of the movies were … Continue reading

Meaning Mondays: The Clouds Edition

Deep play allows one to feel quintessentially alive, heartbeat by heartbeat, in the eternal present. The here-and-now becomes a pop-up storybook, full of surprises, in which everything looms. It returns us to the openness of childhood. ~Diane Ackerman I pulled my chair towards the window and plopped down. Yes, 30 minutes, I thought. I’ll sit … Continue reading

Meaning Mondays: The Purposelessness Edition

I’ve come up against it. And there’s no denying: I simply want more play in my life. So far, my Meaning Monday activities have been fun, but they haven’t always felt like play. Because there’s a difference between fun and play, I’m discovering. Of course, meaning making doesn’t hinge on either fun or play. It … Continue reading