Kind of Like In Life

So. I wasn’t going to write this week because I’m immersed in seeing clients, consulting with my mentor, getting ready for a weekend out-of-town, and lots of other stuff. And right now I’m preparing to finish some paperwork that must be completed today.

OK, to be perfectly honest I’m procrastinating. Eating a cookie. Sitting in a chair. Looking out the window.

Suddenly I’m possessed by the urge to grab my camera and go outside. So truly, there is no rhyme or reason to this post. It’s merely a photographic capture of my desire to go take a gander at the garden.

Out the door I go. I smile because I know that from this vantage point the garden looks rather tidy and well-behaved.

But as I move in closer, I can see its wildness. I like that. It reminds me that first impressions can be deceiving. And you have to look closely and listen deeply. Kind of like in life.

And then I notice that the basil is having a party in its container, and of course I should cut it and make one last batch of pesto. But the whiff I get each time I walk by is heavenly. So I think I’ll just leave it. It occurs to me that sometimes you don’t need to do anything special to enjoy things. Again, kind of like in life.

Of course, I can’t resist taking a turn on the path…

And wriggling my bare toes in the wooly thyme…

Then grabbing a quick five minutes on the daybed, because soon that mattress will head indoors for winter. Which reminds me that we have to take the time for the things that matter. You know, kind of like in life.

As I continue towards the lavender circle, I notice that the new buds and flowers are mingling with the old ones (some might say the dead ones). My garden book tells me to cut those back in summer, but I didn’t get around to it. And I recall that sometimes the mistakes we make don’t matter much. Kind of like in life, right?

Now, I have to stop for a second to marvel at the turning, falling leaves of the birch trees. Even though the temperature’s been hovering above 90 degrees this week, all around me are signs of fall and the coming winter. What a paradox. Kind of like living in the paradox of life, don’t you think?

With that, I raise my eyes. I see sky. Big. Blue. Clouds. And I remember that I have to look up now and then, to see the larger picture. Seems kind of like life, actually.

As I head back to the house, I can’t resist a shot of these two plants. The passion vine has extended its arms in a hug for the little calibrachoas. But hugs are always good. Hmm, that’s kind of like in life, as a matter of fact.




24 thoughts on “Kind of Like In Life

  1. Hi Patty! How cool! I love how you brought “life” to everything you saw in the garden. So glad you shared this photographic yet philosophical point of view to light here – soooo refreshing! Thanks!

  2. Hi patty –
    I think than the mouse that I wrote about Thursday would love to explore your garden! It looks quite inviting and peaceful and yet so full of life and transition. What a delight. Thank you for sharing your wandering. I love that life can include the moments to pause and appreciate.

  3. Patty, I can’t get over how beautiful your garden is – Oh, how I want to be there right now on a lazy Friday afternoon!

    It’s a funny thing about procrastination, how you can get so much done when you’re avoiding a project!

    • Hi Eva – Yes, I’m laughing about that. Who knew I could knock out a blog post just by giving into procrastination and taking my camera outside?

  4. What a beautiful garden! I love how you decided to leave the basil. That aroma *is* heavenly as is the lavender. Funny…. this doesn’t feel like procrastination to me. Feels like living 🙂

  5. Hi Patty,

    Another lush story about your love of gardens and the lessons they teach. Just adore the basil having a party in the container. Your refrain is lovely. This entire piece would make a good essay. I keep seeing you surrounded by nature. Hmm. Maybe a counseling center in a nature cottage of sorts in CA?


  6. Patty,
    I *love* your butterflies and glitter self would have an amazing time there! I can smell it all, and it smells looks absolutely luscious and healthy and so magical..a place to delight my senses…
    Indeed…”like life”…

    • Hi Joy – You’re so right about the magical part. And funny thing is, I didn’t fully get it until I became a gardener myself.

  7. I wish I could wriggle my bare toes in the woolly thyme too…

    I shall settle for wriggling my bare soul in time’s wild woolliness instead. We’re only here for a brief time. 🙂

  8. “Basil is having a party in its container,” oh my, Patty, priceless. Gorgeous basil, and photography!

    Brilliant post, love. What a gorgeous yard, gorgeous words, gorgeous woman.
    Thanks for taking the time to give us this eye candy with all the other things on your plate. I appreciate you, Patty.

  9. I’m intrigued by the daybed — is that for lying down and journaling in occasionally? I can imagine you creating an “outdoor bedroom” just for writing purposes because I know how much you value introspective writing. It’s taking the legal pad I have on my nightstand to a whole new level. 🙂

    • Hi Chris – How smart of you to pick up on what a great place it is for writing. But I have to admit…it also can’t be beat for a quick nap!

  10. Patty — This is one of my favorites of your posts. It is so inspirational and ordinary, at the same time. When I say ordinary…I’m referring to your casual walk out into your garden — that’s an ordinary thing to do. But you turned this around and made it extraordinary, for me….by giving me such wonderful life reminders — all reflected in the plants of your garden and the wisdom of your eyes:~)

    • Hi Sara – Thank you so much! I love the intersection of ordinary/extraordinary. And I’m delighted that you had a little taste of that with this post.

  11. What an absolutely beautiful garden, Patty! You have put so much love and care into it and it really shows.

    These line resonate the most with me:
    sometimes you don’t need to do anything special to enjoy things
    sometimes the mistakes we make don’t matter much

    Thank you for sharing beauty with us.

    • Hi Belinda – Thank you! It’s funny, the love and care I put into it pays me back about a hundred-fold. I’m trying to spend part of each day out there right now, because the weather is perfect for it.

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