living deep: thank you to all who make the journey


Sometimes I’ll get a note or an email from a client I worked with years ago.

And I do mean years ago. Like maybe a decade ago, because I’ve been counseling and coaching, in one professional incarnation or another, for over 13 years.

When these missives arrive from former clients my first response is always in my body. A slow warmth works its way through. My sense memory takes me back in time, back to our relationship. Back to its energy and force.

And then sometimes I’ll pause for a minute and think…Shit, what was I doing? Did I know anything way back then? What kind of help could I possibly have given this person?

But soon I’m laughing, and that momentary panic passes pretty quickly.

Then I give myself over to my quiet knowing about this. I know that whatever the relationship was that my client and I created together, for sure it changed us both in some significant ways.

Sometimes my erstwhile client will tell me about what’s happened in her life since we last met. Or she might ask a question or share a memory from our time together. Perhaps she’ll even thank me for helping her.

No matter what, I’m always, always reminded of the vulnerability and courage that each client brings to this process.

Opening themselves up.

Exploring their stories.

Giving voice to their deepest longings.

Creating lives that reflect what truly matters to them.

And then, oh my, I’m so much in awe of them for taking this journey of looking deep and living deep.

I’m in awe of every single client I’ve ever worked with: trusting, letting down their guards, taking emotional leaps of faith.

And that translates out to the big wide world, and I’m in awe of every single person who takes the journey, period. Any time. Any where.

With a counselor.

With a coach.

With some other kind of partner or guide or helper.

Even with themselves.

So today I want to shine the spotlight right there. Take it center stage. Applaud every human being who takes this journey, with me or with someone else.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you for taking the journey to live deep. You make the world a better place.

* * * * *

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