take care: for all of us

These words–Take Care–I’m very familiar with them.

I regularly sign off with them on emails, cards, letters and the like. And even though they’re kind of old fashioned, I always send them out with a deep wish for the person receiving them to feel cared for and about by me, as well as by themselves and others.

Take care. Something about these words center and ground me.

I suppose since I’m always sending them out into the world, I was a little surprised when they came back to me in the middle of a New Year’s Eve jam session of collaging, writing, painting and art journaling. I was in the midst of an activity I developed that calls upon images, color, associations and free writing to peel away the layers and unearth deep insight. (By the way, the activity is really meaningful and fun, because where you end up is often very surprising, and different, from where you started. Someday I’ll write more about it. Or offer a workshop.)

Anyway, there they were:Take Care. Beckoning me. Inviting me in.

As I continued to go deeper into the process, more words and phrases came, many surprising. And instinctively, I began stringing them together. Then, what had seemed like unrelated concepts and feelings started to form a whole. So I decided to do an art journal page devoted just to them.

Now, looking at this, I’m not sure what I’ve got here.

Less than a poem but more than a free write? My personal Take Care Manifesto?

I don’t know, somehow it seems like something else. Like maybe I experienced a moment of dipping into the collective unconscious when these words sprang to life. And perhaps what I’ve got here is not just for me, but for you too.

So here you go.

Take Care. For all of us.

In art journal form and a recording too!

Happy New Year!



* * * * *

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4 thoughts on “take care: for all of us

  1. I love, love your questions: can I accept it or change it or leave it? Perfect summary of the power we hold through our choices. “Take care”: it’s a gentle reminder that, even though people may love us and want the best for us, it is UP TO EACH one of us to look after ourselves and make the right choices. Take care: be gentle, move at the right pace, show compassion, take time to heal, dream, etc. I’m not surprised you got a whole creative experience out of these words!! 🙂

  2. Oh, Patty…I loved this. I read aloud and the words are so powerful. While I loved all of it, the opening paragraph really hit home for me.

    I also loved hearing you read this:~) It made it even more powerful!!

    BTW how did you get your recording up at your site? Let me know some time.

  3. I would love to take that workshop you describe! You’ve got me thinking about how lovely the phrase “take care” truly is–and wanting to use it to sign my emails and correspondence. Such simple words–and yet so laced with meaning.

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