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Celebrating Myself Home With An Art Journal

Celebrating Myself Home With An Art Journal

Around this time last year I was writing  about home. Pondering its nature and wondering what it means to go back. Reminding myself that to truly appreciate home, we have to leave it first. So in the final post of the series, I wrote: Leave home we do, throughout our lives. But I don’t just mean those … Continue reading

Why You Don’t Need to Fix Yourself

Why You Don’t Need to Fix Yourself

Last month I was on the receiving end of a technique meant to help people feel better about themselves and their lives. Well, maybe technique is the wrong word. You could probably call it a movement, since it’s gained many followers. And I was game to try it, at least once. So there I was: Answering … Continue reading

Dream the Impossible Dream (Redux)

I am I Don Quixote…The Lord of La Mancha…My Destiny Calls and I Go! When I hear this refrain, I get all excited-tingly inside. And I’m not alone, apparently. Last Saturday night I sat in a packed theatre with a bunch of other people, all of us watching Don Quixote’s magical quest unfold and letting … Continue reading

A Day Spent Outside

I was nothing more than forest. Through wind, fog, and rain, I saw life more clearly than ever before. ~Robin Easton Last Saturday was special because I spent most of my day outside. The adventure began in the early afternoon, with a trip to the University of California, Davis (UCD) arboretum. This beautiful garden spot … Continue reading

Dreaming and Awakening

I’m busy this week. And about a thousand miles away from summer’s dance of laziness. It’s good, though. A different kind of dance. If July and August were a slow, languid waltz, then September is shaping up to be a peppy, energizing quick step. But I’m lucky. I love my work and when fall rolls … Continue reading

Meaning Mondays: Life As Collage

IN MY DAY, I’VE MADE MY SHARE OF COLLAGES. ALL KINDS OF COLLAGES. Vision boards. Treasure maps. Collages of dreams (the waking kind). And more collages of dreams (the sleeping kind). Even a collage of carefully selected images meant to reflect my purpose in life, the pith of who I am and where I’m going. A … Continue reading

Meaning Mondays: Stuff and Meaning

THIS IS AN ORDINARY POTTED PLANT. I don’t even know its botanical name. But perched on a shelf or a table, garnering a brief glance now and then, it leads a rather ordinary existence. Let’s just put it this way: the plant flies low under the radar. For all that though, it has an unusual … Continue reading

the four healing salves

the four healing salves

For much of the last year I’ve been fascinated by the process of healing. That’s partly because I’ve been in a deep period of life transition. But there’s more to it than that. A few months ago I finished my final relationship coaching class. (Yay! I’m now a certified relationship coaching specialist.) And just like all … Continue reading

The Trust Dilemma, Or Too Much Coke

Several years ago I got involved with a committee. I was part of a small alumni chapter, and there were about ten of us who took the reins that year. Although I didn’t last very long, I did enjoy our early sense of camaraderie and shared mission. There was a little blossoming of community that … Continue reading