Charlotte Rains Dixon: from writer to author with Emma Jean’s Bad Behavior

Want to know what I love about Charlotte Rains Dixon?


She’s real. She’s present. She’s fun. She’s right here, right now.

Charlotte lives in Portland and wears quite a few hats: Writer. Author. Writing Teacher and Mentor. Writing Coach. Blogger who writes about everything from how to use semicolons to the intersection of creativity and spirituality.

Oh, and she knits too!


And now, she has a novel out: Emma Jean’s Bad Behavior


Charlotte and I had a grand time chatting about the book and the journey that both she and Emma Jean took to get here.

As our conversation unfolded we touched on many different topics:

  • Embracing multipotentiality and a variety of creative processes
  • Crossing thresholds and claiming/making space for new or expanded creative roles
  • Allowing the muse free reign (within reason) even when she wants to create something that pushes boundaries and maybe even scares people a little
  • The mystery and wonder of how our creative and intuitive powers can tap into what’s already there when we can’t yet see it or name it
  • Dark nights of the soul and learning to live in the place between certainty and uncertainty
  • The Quiet Knowing That’s Always Been Present: what it is, what gets in the way, and how we turn toward it

You’re going to love getting to know Charlotte and hearing her wise words. You can click below to listen now:

If you’d like to download an mp3 of our conversation, right-click on this link and save linked file asPattyBechtoldCharlotteRainsDixon

Learn more about Charlotte right here and get to know Emma Jean right here.

Thanks for listening!

* * * * *

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4 thoughts on “Charlotte Rains Dixon: from writer to author with Emma Jean’s Bad Behavior

  1. Nice website, Patty. I first came to know Charlotte as part of the Writer’s Loft in Nashville. She has a wealth of knowledge on writing which she eagerly shares. I have the book but I’ve had a cold for a couple of weeks. When my head clears I’m diving in. By the way, I believe everything but the knitting.

  2. Hey J.D. thanks for coming over here and listening. I’m so excited about your book coming out soon. And you really ought to try the knitting….

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