spring break for adults

It’s official: I have spring fever.

I came down with it a couple of weeks ago when this splendiferous weather arrived in Northern California. Where a few months ago I was content with my black and white winter garden, now I’m itching to get my fingers in the soil and bring color and growth back into my world.


Spring, and the cycle of renewal, never fail to amaze me.

How lucky we are to have the seasons to remind us each year of the continuing need to empty out and let go so we can make space for what’s new and blossoming.


This year I’ve decided to recognize this wonder by declaring myself on spring break.

Of course, it’s been a long time since I was in college and had a real spring break. Still, it’s not hard to call back my favorite spring break memory, that year I turned 19 and hit the road with my best friend Brenda, traveling from Tempe, AZ to San Mateo, CA.

Brenda spent a week with my family. I toured her up and down the Coast to all my favorite places, everywhere from the de Young museum in San Francisco down to the Santa Cruz boardwalk.

There was no one better to play tour guide to than Brenda, because she delighted in every new experience.

I even got to introduce her to her very first artichoke on that trip. I’m so glad I was there, watching her marvel over each succulent leaf.

Trust me, I’ve never taken an artichoke for granted since then.


And that’s how I want to be this spring, like Brenda, delighting in the gifts of spring and not taking anything for granted.

I mean, college students shouldn’t get all the fun. And even though I’ll still be working during the next few weeks, I see no reason why those of us who are no longer in college can’t follow the call of springtime.


Here’s what I’ll be doing:

How about you? If you could take a spring break, what would you be doing?


* * * * *

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4 thoughts on “spring break for adults

  1. Okay, I love artichokes and you’ve got me ready to buy some at the store for dinner tonight, even though I’ve already served them twice recently. My poor husband doesn’t quite share my obsession for them. Hmmm, if I could take spring break and do anything I wanted? I think I’d take a road trip to Santa Fe and Taos and then spend a few days there working on my novel. I know, I know that smacks of work, but I love creating fiction so much that it would be heaven for me. Especially in New Mexico.

  2. I really don’t like artichokes but I love spring. Funny you should mention college students. My daughter is having the time of her life as a college freshman and she inspires me to do the same. Life is now. And now is very special when it signals the return of warmth and flowers. I’m going to be eating strawberries too, writing about them maybe, and planting new trees. Luscious…

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